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The Husqvarna K 770 (14") is a powerful all-round power cutter with features that make it one of the best power cutters on the market. Equipped with semi-automatic SmartTension™ system allows for optimal power transmission, minimum wear and maximum belt life. The light weight, outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the reliable start and exceptionally low vibrations mean less strain and maximized productivity.Suitable for road work and easy to cut in a straight or curved track or close to sidewalk when used with KV7 trolley.


  • Cutting depth, max

    5 in

  • Blade diameter, max

    14 in

  • Output power

    5 hp

Husqvarna K770 14" Cutoff Saw 967682101

SKU: 967682101
  • Waves stocks 14" blades for various applications, call for pricing.

    Discounts offered on blade + saw purchases.

  • Waves stocks full service items for K770 (air filter, fuel filter, spark plug, belt).  Call for pricing




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