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The Husqvarna K 7000 is the new version of Husqvarna’s 16-inch PRIME™ power cutter. A machine that is continuously gathering new fans attracted by the high power and easy handling, useful in many applications both indoors and outdoors. Delivering a 6 in (155 mm) cutting depth, this model is very useful for pre-cutting before deepcutting with the new Husqvarna K 7000 Ring or K 7000 Chain power cutters. The Husqvarna K 7000 comes with a number of new features including the updated, maintenance-free 8 hp (6 kW) permanent magnet highfrequency motor with smooth blade stop function.


  • Cutting depth, max

    6 in

  • Blade diameter, max

    16 in

  • Output power

    7.4 hp



Higher productivity

Increased cutting performance giving higher productivity when paired with PP 70.


Increased comfort and safety

Comfortable stop time on the rotating blade giving increased comfort and safety when paired with PP 70.


Impressive power

High power output which operates on both 3-phase (5.5 kW) at 180-480 V and 1-phase (1.5-3 kW) 120–240 V.


Magnesium blade guard

Contributes to a light weight which gives an improved power-to-weight ratio and cutting depth now up to 155 mm. New stepless adjustment makes it easier to change cutting position.

Husqvarna K7000 Electric 16" Cutoff Saw

SKU: 970449601
  • *Item is not in Waves physical stock but is available for direct ship from manufacturer, if interested please contact Mike for best pricing and availability*




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