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Cutting a rail track takes power, precision and speed. The K 1270 Rail is the market's most powerful cutter, customised for railways, tram tracks and metro systems. It cuts fast and straight, the attachment mounts quickly to the rail and the double attachment mountings means you can cut from any direction.


  • Cutting depth, max

    5.7 in

  • Blade diameter, max

    16 in

  • Output power

    7.8 hp

Husqvarna K1270 16" Rail Cutoff Saw

SKU: 967982501
  • *Item is not in Waves physical stock but is available for direct ship from manufacturer, if interested please contact Mike for best pricing and availability*

  • Waves stocks 16" blades for various applications, call for pricing.

    Discounts offered on blade + saw purchases.




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