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BG 245 is a petrol-powered, walk-behind edger trowel, designed to deliver a smooth, durable concrete surface, specially developed for use in confined spaces and corners. It offers the QUICKSTOP clutch for safety. BG 245 comes equipped with a foldable-, de-vibrated- & height adjustable handle and a maintenance stand for increased uptime.


  • Motor/engine model


  • Output power

    3.3 hp

  • Fuel tank volume

    0.66 gal (US)

  • Vibration value, m/s²

    6.2 m/s²



Smooth control

The vibration reduced and height adjustable handle is equipped with ergonomically assembled controls and smooth clutch engagement.


Durability in every detail

Every single component has been chosen for durability and efficiency.


Tilt with ease

The maintenance stand facilitates service, blade changing and cleaning.


Easy transportation

A single lifting eye makes transporting easy, while optional wheels let you move quickly between tasks.



Motor/engine manufacturer


Motor/engine model


Fuel tank volume

0.66 gal (US)



Handle type

Short foldable


 Sound and noise

Sound level

100 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operators ear

84 dB(A)

Husqvarna BG245 24" Walk-Behind Edger Trowel

SKU: 967928801
  • *Item is not in Waves physical stock but is available for direct ship from manufacturer, if interested please contact Mike for best pricing and availability*




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